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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  June 5, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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eagles. but he was a risk taker enticed by the $$50 extra they got each month. he says his anniversary jump felt great and would do it again. god bless this young, young man. erin burnett outfront starts right now. out front cenex breaking news. no deal. the white house failing to strike a deal with mexico as trump threatens to slap the country with crippling tariffs is the president bluchg. plus trump trashes the vietnam war. and three americans turning up dead at the same caribbean resort. an urgent investigation under way tonight. what's behind the deaths? let's go outfront. and good evening i'm erin burnett, frout on-the-the breaking news no deal the white house wrapping up a high stakes meeting with mexico for the day. so far, no deal to stop the president's threat to slap tariffs on all goods imported to the united states from mexico.
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>> if they don't step up tariffs will go on. and if they go high, the companies are moving back into the united states. that's all. it's very simple. >> well it is very simple. you know, companies aren't moving back to the united states. they can't and won't make decision that is quickly. they'll wait. becauses in hundreds of millions of tars at stake. any will instead pass along the tariff in the form of higher prices to americans for everything from cars to food. republican senator john cornyn lays it out pretty clearly today. >> tariffs on the other hand would be a mass tax. the u.s. chamber estimates that texas alone would face $5.35 billion in increased costs as a result of a 5% tariffs that could take effect as early as monday. in translates into about $1,000 more on a car. >> $1,000 more per car. deutsche bank says it's in fact
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$1300 a car and that's just as they begin. a gnaw non-partisan analysis estimates it could wipe pout 400,000 jobs in the united states. that's what happens when tariffs stay on. here is the facts. the president is not risking 400,000 jobs over a patently impossible demand. because let's be clear. he has a clear demand. tariffs go on mexico until illegal immigration via mexico stops. here is the tweet from the president of the united states. . he tweeted on june 10th the united states will impose pennsylvania 5% tariff on all goods coming from mexico until such time as illegal migrant through mexico into our country stop. all caps. and then i says the tariffs increases up to 25%. let's be clear. illegal immigrant -- migrants coming through mexico to the southern border is not going to stop by june 10th. it's just not going to happen. in fact, the latest number show a surge in border crossings more
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than 144,000 encountered and arrested in may alone. a 30% surge in one month. the surge in illegal migrants may be why the one trump inner circle member who supports using tariffs for fawn economic warfare is trying to move the goal post. here is peter navarro with our jim the schutt o earlier today. >> we believe the tariffs may not go into effect because we have the mexican's attention. >> oh, now all we needed was their attention. we already had that. look, that is not bringing illegal immigration to a stop, right. that's getting their attention. totally different than the president said. and that's the fact. the president has to do something to back out of the threat that it has to stop completely by june 10th or else the tariffs go on. because his tweet will be out at yet another empty threat like these. >> mexico is going to have to do something otherwise i'm closing the berd. i'll just close the border. north korea, best not make any more threats to the united
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states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> knows lawsuits did not happen. there has been no fire and fury, thank god. and regarding the border, trump said that on marni 29th, seven days later the border still open as it is now. but seven days later trump went on camera to declare victory. >> i want to thank the president of the mexico. he is the first one he has been doing the job. he is helping mexico too not only economically and not only because i won't be forced to shut it down or do the tariffs -- >> deja vu. pamela brown is traveling with the president outfront in ireland tonight. no breakthrough imnent at this
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time. >> no breakthrough, earn. and the expectation from administration officials and see the first go around there wouldn't be a deal from this meeting today with the vice president, the secretary of state. and dhs i'm told by a senior administration official this was a meeting lasting 90 minutes at the white house. officials say that progress was made and the president tweeted that as well. but that it wasn't enough, and that the foreign minister did put forward some ideas of how to stem the flow of undocumented migrants. but clearly it wasn't satisfactory to officials. they died to continue the talks in fact mike pompeo, the secretary of state will be meeting later upon in a few hours with the foreign minister again in a one-on-one meeting. then tomorrow talks will continue and even the white house counsel will be meeting with his counterpart. but in raises the question what the objective is here.
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because you're right the president stayed firm saying the tariffs will go into effect on monday right around the corner. the clock is ticking. but then his top trade advisers saying we have mexico's attention something maybe will be worked out. and behind the scenes white house officials believe it can be averted. they've been purposefully vague on the flesh hold to prevent the tariffs for in reason. so that it's easy to say look we believe mexico has kun enough or offered up enough to prevent the tariffs. but if it does happen, erin there will be a ripple effect not only to u.s. consumers but even here in imitator where the spt visiting his golf resort it will have an impact here because there are products from ireland to mexico back to the u.s. it's something people are paying close attention to not just in the u.s. erin. >> thank you very much pamela. i want to go to the democratic senator jeff mushingly who sits on the appropriations and foreign releases committees.
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let's start with peter navarro. he says tariffs may not go into effect once we have the attention of the mexican processes. he says all illegal immigration stopping five days from now -- it's not a possibility. do you think this was an all an erpt threat? does the president have any intention of following through? >> well i don't think it's an empty threat. but it's a very bizarre strategy. let me explain. that this is not about tariffs for an economic deal. this is saying we are using it as a weapon in foreign policy. now, mexico, if they were talking to the u.s. would say, you know, the problems that have created the tremendous flow of refugees are first, you mr. trump, or president trump -- you have kept saying you're going to seal the border pch every time you do that the coyotes advertise and there is a surge. it's now to 150,000 a month because of you. e, mr. president.
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he is causing it. and they'd also say -- by the way, the instability in central america, in is coming from the dollars that coming from american drug trade. americans if you quite buying drugs from central america we won't have this problem. and if you quit shipping guns to central america allowing them to be smuggled out of the u.s. we won't have this problem. that would be the mexican side of in. and so using tariffs in this fashion is really not a -- not a feasible strategy and it's going to be very much opposed up here on capitol hill by trump's republican colleagues. >> and they are obviously very clear that they're opposing using tariffs in a non-economic war, right it doesn't fit with any sort of -- any coined of policy that anybody would accept. however, the president- you know, points to these -- the illegal immigrants that have been surging over the border, right, 144,000 according to customs and border and
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protection encountered at the u.s. mekt coborder in may, up about a third since april. >> yes. >> so do you blame him for that? or is -- is what he is doing by forcing the issue you are force people to come and deal with the big are problem? isn't he right that this is a problem? >> well, it certainly is a very high flow that's coming and instigated by president trump. in other words he created this problem and now he doesn't know what to do about it. so he is threatening mexico. but mexico can't stop people from moving around the country. >> i'm trying to understand your logic. why do you think it's his fault? he is not making you feel welcoming to come here, right. >> yes. if we go back and track the numbers on the flow of immigrants from the roughly 30 to 40,000 that were coming per month when it started surging it started surging with the declaration of a national emergency and president trump starting to talk about ceiling the border. there were then the coyotes who advertise for clients said okay if you want to go you got to come now. >> isn't that pushing the
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numbers they think the border could cause close -- the intent of who is coming isn't changing it's just the when the numbers happen, right. >> it's hard to say. it's saying to a lot of people if you've ever considered it now is the time you got to make a decision. those people may never have decided to come in the first place under ordinary circumstances. >> okay. so let me ask you, "the new york times" had an interesting report today -- i'm sorry on monday but the mexican government response to the president's treats. they pointed out that there were subpoena some raids by mexican military last week went into a hotel by the gaulten mord are border to try to get guatemalaen abbreaking up caravans do you think mexico is moving and being more aggressive in taking this on because of trump? >> well they have been making efforts for much of the last year to try to figure out if there are ways to encourage folks to stay in central
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america, to make crossing the border more difficult. but it's not an easy thing to do. nefb making these efforts. they may be making more efforts now in response to this. but it not going to stop the flow as long as you have in incredibly difficult street extortion that has taken a grip throughout the northern triangle of honduras, guatemala and el salvador. when people are told pay your extortion money now or we will kill you tomorrow, or we will rape your daughter this weekend. people are going to flee. and so stabilizing those countries is going to be essential to change this dynamic. >> look, republicans have been vocal about this but they are not okay with the tariffs. they are a bad idea. senator grassley, cornyn, many others, will they stand up to the president, though when push comes to shove? >> i think the republicans are going to stand up to him. they do not like the use of a national molden. this is certainly the -- the law was not written for a president
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to be able to use that clause in order to by pass the -- the period to congress to give them 60 days -- well give an alert on the -- now switching to the saudi sales that's the other people happening simultaneously. it's about an imperial presidency. the combination of the tariffs on the saudi arms sale are really riling up up republicans saying this is not right. president president is not loutd to act. this is not a kingship, imperial presidency this is a democratic republic. >> of course referring to the president trying to sell arms to saudi arabia without going through congress for approval as would be the normal procedure for doing such a sale. thank you so much senator. i appreciate your time. >> you're welcome, erin, thank you. >> next president trump saying he was not a fan of the vietnam war. not the first time he has trashed it. >> do you have any guilt about not having gone to vietnam. >> right we have our own vietnam it's called the dating game.
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>> that's right. >> plus the president doesn't give an inch on climate change. 2020 candidate governor jay inslee made the issue the centerpiece of houff campaign outfront. and bernie sanders takes on the world's biggest retailer. wal-mart pays many of its employees starvation wages.
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during the vietnam war. >> you were not able to serve in vietnam because of a bone spur condition in your feet. do you wish you'd been able to serve in would you like to have serve your country. >> well i was never a fan of that war. i'll be honest with you. i thought it was a terrible war. very far away. nobody ever -- you are talking about vietnam at that time nobody ever heard of the country. and i was like a lot of people. now i wasn't out in streets marching. i wasn't saying i'm moving to canada which a lot of people did. but, no i was not a fan of that war. >> outfront now, former army commanding general for europe and seventh army colonel mark hurt willing. april ryan and david gergen who advised four presidents and veteran of the u.s. navy. general hertling. he says no one ever heard of the country. your reaction. >> my reaction i was 18 years old in 1971 when i registered
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for the draft in missouri. everybody had heard of the vote nam war. everyone knew where it was. no one liked the war. but when your country calls and asks to you register for the draft, you serve. in today's force we have not at draft force. we have a professional force. people can volunteer to go places. it seems strange to me we have soldiers also listening to the president saying i don't want to go to afghanistan. syria and venezuela is too far away. don't get me involved in a war in iran, all those are bad things. >> well, i mean look you could say -- if that's an excuse you look at a 17-year war in afghanistan you can see a lot of people saying that doesn't fit with my perm i don't want to do it but people do it. they do it because it is the call of their country. any do it every day. april. >> yeah, this cuts like a knife, erin. my father served in the military. i have friends who serve in the
4:19 pm
military. people who did four tours of duty, a dear friend of mine a lieutenant colonel who did four tours of duty in afghanistan. he didn't want to go but he served this nation, not knowing if he was losing his life. he had no option. if there would be a war or wouldn't be a war. this president used his wealth to get out of war. whether it was a popular war or not. and he is a man who did not serve. and now he is potentially sending service members, military members to iran or any other place where there is a hot spot. they don't have an. or an option about it. and it's a sad state of affairs for a united states president to say that. >> so, david, you know, a cbs poll last year was done on this issue. what people thought about the vietnam war. obviously the history of it controversial, right. 51% of people believe the united states should have stayed out of vietnam 57% of the 50 or older
4:20 pm
think that. obviously it was a divisive war. david does that justify his comments as a sitting president of the united states? >> absolutely not. and let's be very clear, erin, the only thing that veterans hate more than a draft dodger is a man who lies about it. and that's what this president has been doing about his military, lack of military service for a number of years now, just to review the bidding he had four deferments for education, fair enough. but then he had the fifth deferment that kept him out of the war for so-called bone spurs. and that -- the medical records are lost but the daughter of the podiatrist who worked with him say the podiatrist basically gave him that letter that would disqualify him from service as a favor to the philipp. the bone spurs in a healthy man an athletic man magically disappeared later. the record is quite clear. i just want to say one other thing.
4:21 pm
it's particularly galling that he would take -- the vows once again km up and be featured in a news story tonight. on the 75th anniversary of d-day. this ought to be a day we solemnly remember and instead we have donald trump parading this fraudulent story sflo general, you know when you think about this you've got what david refers to, right the podiatrist's daughter. their landlord was fred trump, right, donald trump's father, right, when they wrote this. i want to play for you on this issue, right, president trump today said that he would have been honored to serve if he don't have bone spurs. that's what he said today. but obviously during the campaign he did for the remember which foot had bone spurs. here he is. >> why did you not serve in the vietnam war? >> because i was going to college, had student deferments it's a rung time and ultimately had a medical deferment because of my feet i had a bone spur. >>way which foot did you have the bone spur in.
4:22 pm
>> you'll look it up in the records. i don't know. it's in the records sflo obviously the records don't exist, general. >> yeah, it's -- it's a repeating theme, erin. it's the same thing we hear over and other again making excuses for things he doesn't do. and you know, the other thing that's insulting about in, again, is david just said, it's divisive. there were a whole bunch of people during the vietnam era that didn't want to serve either. i was in the army during that period. and there were not a whole lot of people volunteering to go to vietnam no one wanted to fight that war. and there are 50 thousand thousand plus names on a black granite wall in washington, d.c. who went and didn't want to go and sacrificed their lives. this is just insulting to the military. and i can't understand how people allow him to get away with in kind of b.s. >> exactly. >> the other thing is when he
4:23 pm
does talk about vietnam we you looked it up -- and our kfile we know the conversation with howard sterd. he said stds were his personal vietnam. but that wasn't just one time. it was a history of times he talked l like being in vietnam. you're the equivalent of a soldier going over to vietnam. if you have any guilt about having not going to vietnam. >> we have our own vietnam. >> you said that many times. >> i feel like a great and brafr soldier. >> you're brafr than any vietnam vet base because you're screwing a lot of women. >> congressional medal of honor in actuality. >> it's been a joke for him for years, april. knows that go all the way back to 1993, 1997 and 1998 those three kips. >> i'm going to use the word that david used, galling, the gall, the gall, the gall.
4:24 pm
it -- okay, number one, the lack of capacity of this president to understand what service means and what the military does when they go overseas, putting their life on the line, that does not compare to being a gigilo or a rich playboy who had tick tacks and kissing anyone he wanted. having mistress and a wife on a ski slope together. that does not equate. it's sad when this president is not here for memorial day. the day before d-day, the anniversary of d-day he is saying this. he has talked about john mccain. no matter what anyone may think about john mccain, that man stayed as a prisoner of war -- he could have been released. he stayed. he was broken we saw him on the campaign trail.
4:25 pm
he could barely lift his arms because of the pain and abuse. the terror. he was terrorized and then he talks against john mccain. i don't understand why veterans and those in the the military have not spoken up. people have been bullied into submission by this president. this is galling as david said and even worse terms. >> general, let me ask you because obviously you're speaking out. but i mean, do you -- what do you think the feeling is among you know those currently there? >> well zpl are they torn about speaking out? i know you are retired. >> i'm -- >> yeah. >> the individuals currently wearing the cloth of the country take an oath to protect and defend the constitution, obey the orders of the president. they don't get the opportunity to speak out unless it's an illegal or unethical order. i go to tell you i know having talked to people who are in the military that there are quite a few of them who are disgusted by in kind of action. they will never say it. they will serve professionally, do their duty and continue to
4:26 pm
support and defend the constitution. but any depend on other people speaking out. they depend on members of congress speaking out. they depend on retireds speaking out. and that's what's happening. >> david, final word. >> erin, i think it's one of the the most important jobs of a president is to be a role model especially for the younger generation. we -- a recent poll found that 71% of american people do not think he is a good role model for children. i think it's one more episode which adds to that notion that -- that somehow he has been very dismissive of what's been so valuable to our country, what's held us together. we were finally coming to terms with veet flam as a people, finally the old divisions are sort of starting to fall away. it's just really really unfortunate unhappy and galling that here on the eve of the 75th anniversary of d-day we are talking about in. >> and the president of course will be in normandy tomorrow. >> and president trump doubling
4:27 pm
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4:32 pm
called extreme weather. because with extreme weather you can't miss. we have tornadoes. i don't remember tornadoes in the to the extent but then when you look back 40 years ago we had the worst tornado binge in the and we have had bad hurricanes. >> the presidential candidate who made climate change the core issue of his campaign governor jay inslee of the state of workt. thank you for being with me. >> thank you. >> this is the central issue your run. this is why you are there. what you feel is your calling. okay what is your response to trump's comments today to pierce morguen >> woefully inadequate to the most scientifically literate nation on earth. this would be embarrassing to any nation in today's day and age. but it's doubly embarrassing to the united states. we are the people that put a man on the moon. we are the people that are developing the digital economy, curing cancer. and here we have a leader of our nation who has -- who has be
4:33 pm
littled the clear science. by the way, this is science we paid for. our tax dollars went into developing the science. >> right. >> for him to treat it as a trivial thing -- it's a bit like laughing about cancer, because that's how serious this issue for our nation. >> he is referring to well in the 1890s when he he talks about hurricanes. but look this is not new rhetoric for him governor. we have heard it before. 2012 he blamed the chinese saying the concept of global warming kwas created by and for the chinese in order to make u.s. manufacturing non-competitive saying they are making it up to get us to close factories down so they can sprint ahead. and he has been very clear in the past about where he stands like these times. >> right. >> yeah, i consider climate change to be not one of our big problems. i consider it to be not a big problem. >> i am not a great believer in man made climate change. i'm not great believer. >> i'm not denying climate changes but it could very well
4:34 pm
go back. >> but that's denying it. >> and obviously that's denying it. but that's the way trump does thing. i'm not defying it even as he does. what i find interesting, governor is those views did not days qualify him. that was in 2018 but the other times were before and during the election. you're here in new york city. you are unveiling a new plan for the council on foreign relations. this is your core issue. you are talking about climate change and national security inextricably relate on her the platform. but what do you think voters will reject trump for those ideas we heard when they did not reject him before. >> there are two waves cresting at the same time. first the obvious urgency of in matter. this hughesed to be a chart on graph. it used to be sort of an intellectual pursuit. now it's people watching paradise, california, a town of 25,000 burn to the ground. it's watching the midwest inundated with floods. people in miami beach having to
4:35 pm
pay taxes to build up the roads a foot and a half so they're not drowned. and there is a wave of economic growth we are experiencing. i was in iowa the other day talking to young man named david who is looking forward to his career as wind turbine technician. president trump says those cause as cancer but david knows and i know that it causes people to have jobs. and we are winning on an economic revival message that i have put forward where we are growing 8 million well paid jobs in america. >> i want to ask you about one other big issue that came out today with joe biden who obviously is the democratic front runner polls right now. his campaign confirmed -- nepd he supports the hyde amendment. the hyde amendment for anyone not watching this today basically prevents federal dars from being spent on abortion services except in cases of rape, incest or life of the mother. only in those case was would federal dollars be allowed. you omnibus the hyde amendment.
4:36 pm
everyone else opposes on the democratic side except for joe biden. is his support of that disqualifying. >> i certainly cannot support that position? and it's quite shocking to me that he would fake in position. knowing that our party and our nation believes in fundamental freedom issue. this is a freedom issue of american women. and in my state i have fought for this for decades. we actually have passed the reproductive parity act to make sure women get coverage and should have coverage regardless of income. i have to tell you i'm shocked by that. i have not heard the news before you told me. if it's true it's extremely disappointing. i think it's going to be a very disturbing to a lot of people in america. in needs to be a civil right. and what we have done in washington state to make it equivalent of a civil right needs to be the law of the united states. and we can do this. we don't have to depend just on the supreme court. we feed to pass the laws that i have in my state to apply to
4:37 pm
protect the women's freedom interests krs the united states. and i would intend to do that as president of the united states. >> before we go, you dwoont to debate focus on climate kwhang and the dnc says they want all topics out there they are not doing single issue debates although they will do a kpk one broadly what do you say to the dnc. >> extremely disappointing. the grass roots of our party demand that we pay attention to the existential threat. this is an issue upon which life depends itself. and the continued civilization that we now engage. and it is -- it is totally unacceptable to me not only not to have a debate where we end up just having cliche and sound bites instead of forcing candidates to put plans forward, but also they also said they are bars democratic candidates from participating in other debates. that's outrageous to me to muzzle candidates who want to go out and have this debate. i will tell them that i'm
4:38 pm
hearing across the country is democrats are insistent that we call the candidates to a higher plane of discussion of this, which was ignored for the last 20 to 30 years. i hope that they reconsider. and i hope the other aspireants to the office. join me as others have asked the dnc to do this. we believe in democracy. >> governor inslee thank you very much i appreciate your time. >> thank you. and bernie sanders head to head with the largest retailer wal-mart. and voters appeared to be taking notice today. >> he is for the working people. and he speaks for the working people. >> plus an american tourist dies in the dominican republic and five days later two more americans found dead at the same resort. what's going on? a little sweeter. to may ♪ to give every idea the perfect soundtrack. ♪ to fill your world with fun. ♪
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. tonight, bernie sanders takes on wal-mart, the 2020 presidential candidate confronting the world's biggest retailer, the largest employer in the united states at the company's annual shareholder meeting. accusing them of paying starvation wages. his words. ryan nobles is outfront. >> for bernie sanders, wal-mart is a familiar target. >> we will say to the walton
4:43 pm
family, we are no longer going to provide corporate welfare for you. >> today he took that message straight to wal-mart shareholders in arkansas. >> wal-mart pays many employees starvation wages. >> sanders invited to make the case to have-mile-an-hourly workers on the company board. during the reremarks he demanded a base page of $15 an hour and called out the company ceo doug mcmillon for his $24 million salary. >> they're also outraged by the froh tevfik level of income and wealth inequality in america. >> sanders' message aimed not just as wal-mart but democratic voters looking for someone to stand up to corporate america. wal-mart defended treatment of company employees by pointing to tuition assistance and management training programs. in a surprise mcmillon called for the federal minimum wage to
4:44 pm
go up. >> $7.25 is too low. it's time for a at a thoughtful plan in place to increase minimum wage. >> dream an lovette works in florida and welcomed sanders. >> he speaks for the working people. >> lovetts believes an employee on the board would go a long way to helping wal-mart leadership understand what it means to live on wal-mart's minimum wage. >> could you live off of $11 and something an hour? it's hard. it's hard. especially in our economy. it's up. and we're booming. >> the proposal to add an employee to the wal-mart board was rejected by shareholders. >> people cannot make it on $11 an hour. >> and the company also did not make a substantive move toward raising employee salaries. and after his remarks sanders was skeptical wlrnlt sleerd high pressure was listening. >> do you feel the ceo got your message today. >> no, i don't. i think if he got the message what he would say is that we are going to do what many competitors are doing, what amazon has already done, what
4:45 pm
costco has done what target is moving toward and raise that minimum wage. >> and it's not out of ordinary for bernie sanders to go after corporate america. he regularly hammers wal-mart and amazon on the campaign trail. that will continue this weekend when he heads to iowa and will appear with mcdonald's workers push nag company to pay a base salary of $15 an hour. and this a big move by sand tors try and separate himself from the big field of democratic candidates. he believes that many dynamicic primary voters are with him when it comes to taking on corporate america, erin. >> thank you very much ryan. and next. what is happening at the caribbean resort with three people were found dead in five days? search for answers intensifying this hour. plus president trump tweeting about the in the middle of the night. jeanne moos on what started it.
4:46 pm
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♪ tonight, mystery deaths. three american versus died at the same resort in the dominican republic in the span of a few days. 41-year-old woman collapsed suddenly dying in here hotel room shortly after arriving. five days later a couple were found dead. are the deathed connected? rosa flores is "out front." >> reporter: the officials in dominican republic are searching for answers. a psychotherapist from pennsylvania was celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband at the hotel just hours after checking in when she collapsed. >> at one point she was sitting
4:50 pm
there happily smiling and taking pictures and the next moment she was in acute pain and called out for dan and she collapsed. >> reporter: paramedics were called and tried to revive the 41-year-old, but police say she died in her room. the family says she died after having a drink from the hotel's mini bar. the attorney general's office says a cause of death has yet to be determined but the resort says she died of a heart attack. jay mcdonald, her brother-in-law, says the entire family is in shock. >> what we thought was a freak event now we don't know. >> reporter: that's because just five days after shop warner's death, two more americans were found dead at the same resort. 23-year-old edward nathaniel holmes and his fiancee were found in their room after hotel
4:51 pm
staff after missing their checkout. police say there were no signs of violence. the national police confirming to cnn an autopsy found the couple from maryland suffered r respiratory failure and police say medications were found in the room. coincidentally all three checked in on the same day, may 25th, but were staying in different parts of the resort. the hotel saying in a statement today. to date, there are no indications of any correlation between these two unfortunate incidents. but police are still investigating. and the families want answers. >> we really want an independent medical review here in the states. >> reporter: and you are not going to believe this. we found the taxi driver that drove miranda shop warner here to this hotel from airport
4:52 pm
and he says that she was happy, she was excited to be here. he remembered that she was a great tipper. remember, she died a few hours after. so you can imagine his shock when he found out that she died. >> obviously, completely fine just before that. rosa, thank you very much. and "out front" now steve moore retired supervisory act for the fbi. steve, this is bizarre. what do you think happened? >> well, i think it's too coincidental to be random. so i think what you have to start doing is finding out what was common with all three deaths or all three people right before their illnesses and what's common right now is they all checked in on the same day. >> that puts it way over the realm of possibilities. and then it's possible they all had something out of the mini bar. >> all right. so, then, then, this is something malicious? i mean, what else could it be?
4:53 pm
someone is putting something in a mini bar for people to randomly stumble upon and it kills them? >> either that, or somebody is accident annually contaming the things in the mini bar. hypothetically, one thing that could cause this pulmonary edema, respiratory failure is an overdose of fentanyl. fentanyl is something trafficked through the dominican republic. either somebody has come in contact hypothetically with there or somebody is intentionally putting this into a drink or whatever. but this is not -- these are not natural deaths. >> and, obviously, the same management, it's the same resort. right? it's two different hotels but the same resort. >> right. >> their no question it would seem as to whether this is related? >> no, it's absolutely related. and what you have to do here is you have to start to go backwards and find out what is common between those two rooms
4:54 pm
that were in. it may not be the made service. it may not be somethng within that hotel. but i'll bet you anything they get their liquor supplies, food supplies from the same thing. two hotels from the same people are going to do that. so you have to start bringing things down to the level of what's common for all three. >> all right. thank you very much, steve. next, jeanie, a late-night twitter war between president trump and bet mite midler.
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
here's jeanie. >> reporter: when bette midler sings, she does not count president trump among them. but he was thinking of her. even in the middle of the night in his trip abroad when he tweeted calling her a washed up psycho and a sick scammer after she apologized for sharing a supposed trump quote that he never actually said. one calling republicans the dumbest group of voters in the country. it sounds so much like him that i believed it was true, tweeted bette. it's the latest round in a long feud as a newly washed up psycho, i am very grateful for your thoughts and prayers, she tweeted fans who flocked to her defense, cast a spell on him, bette. ♪ i cast a spell on you >> reporter: oh, she's been casting spells, ripping offer a recent photo of the president in which he didn't quite look like his usual self. she tweeted.
4:59 pm
he actually looks better here. maybe someone? his camp can gently give him a shiv. i mean, a shove. if you look at bette entire twitter feed, she feeds on president trump. when the queen gave him a rare churchill book, she posted even more rare? the chance that trump would actually read it or any book. when he dressed in a white tie, she pounced with proportion fail, fire the tailor and hasn't yet reached the depths of the rosie trump feud. >> rosie o'donnell is disgusting. >> reporter: the venom between beth and trump goes back to 2012. he called her ugly, bette mid ler sucked. president trump may be married to his third wife but this feud feels like something out of a first wive's club. >> oh shut up. all you care about is --
5:00 pm
>> you are both selfish souls. ahh. >> jeanie moos, cnn, new york. >> thank you for joining us. don't forget you can watch "out front" any time on cnn go. anderson starts up next. the meeting between mexican officials and the vice president over president trump's tariff threat has just ended and the two sides did not, repeat, did not reach any deal. so tariffs are still on the table, if, indeed, the president isn't bluffing. he says he's not, keeping him honest, what if he is? what if republicans don't support him? and what will this do to american consumers, workers and farmers. john berman here for anderson, let's stipulate from the get-go, there is a real humanitarian crisis on the border. we learned more than 144,000 migrants were arrested or detained at the mexican border